v4.79 - September 2020


After receiving positive feedback for automatically adding services to motor club jobs, we've opened up the engine to recommend services for non-motor club jobs as well! For those jobs, services are recommended based on the job Reason and Truck type. As always, service pricing is based on the selected Requested By account. For customers who have complex pricing or wish to disable this feature, it's easy to do so in account settings. We look forward to your feedback as we continue our journey in creating the fastest dispatch product on the market.

  • Add Services Automatically to all jobs! This can be disabled by an account in Settings > Accounts.
  • Disable Automatic Mileage for customers who want to add services automatically but don't bill for unloaded or loaded mileage on certain accounts in Settings > Accounts.
  • Improved Service Engine to add support for Accident, Secondary, and Motorcycle services.
  • Send ETA Extension Request for Allstate and Gerber jobs.
  • Send GOA Request for Allstate and Gerber jobs.
  • Notify Motor Clubs of Canceled Jobs for Allstate and Road America jobs. 

  • Fixed Job History tab not loading when an associated user is not found.
  • Fixed incoming chat messages not reading the header when "Read Messages" checkbox is selected.
  • Fixed error message when a Motor Club billing website is offline.