v4.75 - August 2020

Dispatch Anywhere Changelog August 2020


  • Accept Motor Club Offers directly in Dispatch Anywhere. Allows TowMagic customers to view and accept their digital offers in both the desktop and mobile versions of Dispatch Anywhere. You're no longer required to use both applications!
  • Security Setting for Accepting Offers for customers where only some users are permitted to view and accept offers. Apply in Settings > Security.
  • Automatically Add Services to Motor Club jobs after they have been approved or imported on desktop and mobile. Easily identify services added automatically with a green icon next to the service name prior to saving.
  • Automatically Add Default Services when creating a job in the mobile version of Dispatch Anywhere.
  • Send Allstate Clear Codes for jobs that are finished through Dispatch Anywhere. Clear codes can now be selected by Dispatch or even Drivers in the field.
  • Send AAA battery test codes and mileage on job finish / clear.
  • Restore previous window location and size when opening Dispatch Anywhere and the detached map view. Also supports multi-monitor configurations.
  • Chat icon on jobs list and grids when there is a pending/unread message for the job.
  • Code column to Vehicle Type dictionary in Settings (used to display vehicle type on map).
  • Additional columns on job export in Settings > Company > Job Export tab.
  • Clear all Motor Club Billing errors in Settings > Company toolbar (company admins only).
  • Updated Reports
    • Added Total Days in Storage to Invoice
    • Fixed Sales Tax Detail & Sales Tax Summary
    • Statement Style that shows Credit balance
    • Impound Inventory report with Police Hold
    • Fixed Payment Receipt lines issues
    • Fixed miscellaneous alignment issues
    • Additional minor fixes

  • Fixed Agero billing
  • Fixed Police Hold calls not sending to TowLien
  • Fixed https://calls.dispatchanywhere.com customer call status
  • Fixed new job conversation message icon on toast
  • Fixed Posted on date time is incorrectly displaying UTC on job history tab
  • Fixed Billing Mile Limit stopped working when Auto Bill On Post was added
  • Fixed "Unknown" driver name on the Job Edit > History tab
  • Photos uploaded at the same time are now grouped into a single row on the Job Edit > History tab