v4.152 - September 2022


New Features

  • Boost is an incentive to help customers get faster service. Look for Boost offers on Allstate Roadside requests.
  • TowPay manual credit card entry on Dispatch Anywhere Mobile and Dispatch Anywhere for Drivers apps.
  • Option to require photos on finish from drivers in Dispatch Anywhere for Drivers app.
  • Save storage estimates from the release vehicle dialog without releasing the vehicle.
  • Improved render time of invoice reports.
  • Enabled hyperlinks on job notes and remarks in Dispatch Anywhere Mobile.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed auto assign being unable to save job when default assign mode is Best ETA (Prefer Unassigned)
  • Fixed refunding when payment was taken from mobile device
  • Fixed incorrectly generating second invoice when taking payments on newly added unposted services
  • Fixed taxable checkbox on services in Dispatch Anywhere Mobile
  • Fixed issue with accepting FleetNet offers in Dispatch Anywhere Mobile
  • Fixed Finish Job checkbox on take payment
  • Fixed drivers not being able to change job priority when creating a job in Dispatch Anywhere for Drivers
  • Fixed TowPay payment decline message doesn't appear when payment is declined
  • Fixed Sage payments resulting in "c_name" error and not refunding
  • Fixed issue saving Motor Club credentials on save Setting > Accounts in some scenarios
  • Fixed "Clear Invoices" dialog appearing unnecessarily on save Settings > Accounts
  • Fixed HAAS error on manual arrive after auto timestamp and after reassign
  • Fixed printing tow tickets in Dispatch Anywhere for Drivers iOS
  • Fixed sending incorrect driver invitation link during onboarding
  • Fixed driver first name and last name not being saved during onboarding
  • Report fixes:
    • Report viewer keep-alive now allows reports to be viewed for longer periods of time
    • Print call report fixed to display division name and address instead of company
    • Fixed invoice adjustment column not wrapping properly
    • Fixed date range issue on impound lot inventory report
    • Fixed date range issue on independent contractor commissions report
    • Fixed wrapping of zip/postal code on invoices
    • Added job number and transaction id to daily receipts report