v4.135 - February 2022


New Features

  • Reconcile Motor Club Payments from Allstate, Geico, and Agero. Motor Club checks are retrieved and applied to outstanding purchase orders. Perform auto-reconciliation nightly or review and apply checks on your schedule. Click here for more information. 
  • HAAS Safety Alerts notify oncoming motorists of work being performed roadside. Visit haasalert.com/towing to learn more.
  • Motor Club Job Update Message when a motor club modifies the details of a job.
  • Update TowLien Auction by changing the auction in Job Edit > Lien tab.
  • Undo Payment History Log for job in Job Edit > History tab.
  • Modify Posted Services Security Permission to allow only certain users to modify posted services in Settings > Security.
  • Failed SMS Notification when sending an SMS to a landline.
  • User and Driver Login History Report in Reports > Administrative.
  • Improved Report Performance
    • Accounts Receivable summary
    • Sales Tax summary
  • Expanded Purchase Order Number max length to 30 characters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where price adjustments weren't made when updating a job through Dispatch Anywhere Mobile.
  • Pay off $0 line items when applying motor club payments.
  • Fixed issue retrieving open invoices in Accounting > Enter Payment
  • Fixed issue when undoing a payment that caused a save prompt and service override on Job Edit.
  • Fixed linked job service not calculating properly when setting the rate from Dispatch Anywhere Mobile.
  • Enable copy and paste for the purchase order number on Accounting > Apply Motor Club Payments.
  • Fixed issue where motor club job update fails on some fields.
  • Fixed issue that prevented grand total from being calculated on Job Edit.
  • Fixed reminder message to resend invoice when modifying an already posted service.
  • Fixed feedback buttons in the User Menu and Settings.
  • Fixed menu alignment for tablets and touch screen laptops.