v4.122 - October 2021

enhanced towlien@2x

New Features

  • Enhanced TowLien integration enables real-time viewing of lien progress, search results, and letter status directly on the new "Lien" tab in job edit. Visit towlien.com for more information!
  • Estimate Labor for upcoming jobs based on future road traffic patterns and average on-scene time for specific vehicles and truck types. Estimates are performed on the "Estimate" tab of the labor service calculator.
  • Track Budget GPS vehicles on the dispatch map. Visit budgetgps.com to get started!
  • Send Additional Service Requests to Geico for dollies and other services on Dispatch Anywhere mobile.
  • Flag Jobs with Geico Additional Services for review when creating/posting invoices.
  • New Texas TDLR Invoice with days of storage.
  • Log Assign/Unassign Additional Resources on the job edit history tab.
  • Display Friendly Vehicle Names in Settings > Vehicles when configuring GPS vehicles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue sending TomTom/Webfleet jobs to units multiple times.
  • Fixed overpayment issue when taking payment for a re-tow or swap out.
  • Fixed "This division does not allow drivers to edit job service pricing." when adding linked/surcharge service on Dispatch Anywhere for Drivers.
  • Prevent sending a motor club cancel if the job is in request phone call status.
  • Remove the Beacon website link at the bottom of invoice emails to help with spam filters.
  • Account for Primary Driver on job getting changed from assigned resource when logging.
  • Fixed outage notice timezone issue on the login page.
  • Require incident state and plate state to submit to TowLien.