v4.106 - April 2021

impound inventory@2x

New Features

  • Tag Impounded Vehicles with Inventory Barcode Labels via the Mobile and Driver apps. Drivers are prompted to place and scan an inventory barcode when a vehicle is impounded. Scanning the inventory barcode will also save the vehicle location making it easier to locate in the lot later. Read more
  • Take Inventory of Impound Lots via the Mobile app. Provides fast barcode scanning along with direction and distance to all vehicles in the lot.
  • Print Vehicle Inventory Barcode Labels from the Dispatch > More menu and from the Reports tab. View recommended equipment
  • Impound Inventory Summary report displays a list of missing vehicles from the impound lot.
  • Motor Club Additions: Agero/Swoop, Tesla, Roadside Protect, ServiCase, and Universal Fleet Services
  • Warning when Creating Invoices in a Previous Month on the Accounting > Create Invoices screen.
  • Warning for Taxable services without Tax applied on the Accounting > Create Invoices screen.
  • "Auto-Bill" Indicator for invoices that will be sent automatically to motor clubs for billing on the Account > Create Invoices screen.
  • Send Remote Pay Requests via SMS.
  • Send SMS and Emails logged on Job Edit > History tab.
  • New Priority Icons can be applied in Settings > Dictionaries.
  • Partial vehicle number search in advanced search.
  • Print Job Details by Date Range and Driver in the Reports Tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for CardConnect to apply payment correctly when using payment request.
  • Fix for Job Edit automatic services duplicating when using Save instead of Save and Close.
  • Fix for Divisions without a division logo won't load in settings.
  • Fix for configuring SMS when adding a Division.
  • Fix for Dispatch Anywhere temporarily freezing when viewing Job Edit > History tab with receipts.
  • Fix for Vehicle # field not clearing in the advanced search dialog.
  • Fix for time zone date range issue in job export.
  • Improved Print Job performance.
  • Availability improvements for VIN decoder and Magic VIN lookup.