Customer Service Surveys

This article will show you how to set up a customer service survey

Surveys can be a simple tool for great customer service.  Survey integration will offer your customers a way to give valuable feedback via text or email.  In addition to getting feedback, positive surveys can be sent to Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.  Increased ratings can lead to increased profits.

Beacon Software currently integrates with:

  • Mercury Send
  • OMG
  • Lift Marketing
  • Whiterail

⭐Note: Please check your motorclub contracts before enabling this feature on these accounts.  Currently, Agero and Allstate do not allow surveys to be sent on their calls.  


Access the settings page at and login with your company administrative credentials.

Start by clicking on the Divisions section.  Access the Division section and choose the first division.  On the Surveys tab choose the correct provider.  You will be prompted to enter a username or username and password.  The survey company will provide these credentials.


After setting up the login credentials we need to access the Accounts section and turn on surveys for each account separately. This will give you control over which accounts receive a survey when the call is finished. 

In the Accounts section, choose the correct account. On the General tab there will be a section for Towstatus End Customer Notifications. Select the last checkbox to turn surveys on for this account.



Below you will find contact information for each of the survey providers.


Mercury Send – Texting and Survey Integration

Adam Davids
Phone: 347-791-6542


Whiterail Media – Survey Integration

Daniel Ostrov
Phone: 503-282-2886


Lift Marketing Group – Survey Integration

Dennis Wencel
Phone: +1 888-834-1123


OMG National - Survey Integration

Chris Blake
Tel:  800.789.4619 x 1139