Integrated Payment Solutions

This article will provide information on the credit card vendors that are partnered with Beacon Software.

Beacon Software has partnered with Metrics Global (Paya), Towing Payment Solutions (Xpress Pay), Square, and Card Connect to offer multiple credit card solutions.  Dispatchers and drivers will have the ability to take payment directly through the desktop and mobile apps. 


For more information and to check rates, please see the contact information below.

Link To YouTube Video On Payment Solutions



Metrics Global, Inc (Paya)

Paul Huettner |Relationship Manager|

888-891-5445 x 713



Towing Payment Solutions (Xpress-Pay)

Jason Fernandez |VP of Sales|




Please visit Square's website for rates and to start an account.

Square: Solutions & Tools to Grow Your Business

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Contact CardConnect

Amy Hicks |Account Manager|



Step 1

Start by logging into your Dispatch Anywhere settings page (Dispatch Anywhere Settings)

⭐Note: You need to log in with your company administrator account.

Step 2

Start by selecting the Divisions section and choosing the first division.  On the Merchants tab you will press the plus (+) sign.  Enter a name for the payment solution and choose the correct gateway/account.  The Gateway Login ID, Gateway Login Key will be provided by the merchant.

⭐Note:  If you're adding Square you will only need to log into the account. 



  1. Highlight/open a job in Dispatch Anywhere and select the Take Payment icon.  


2.  Select the payment method of either Payment Request or Xpress Pay.  


3.  Complete the required fields and select the Take Payment button.  Once you hit Take Payment an email will be sent to the customer. The window can be left open or closed, and once the customer completes the Xpress Pay transaction, the call will be marked paid.  

A receipt from Xpress Pay will be sent to the customer and you will have the option to view and send a receipt from Dispatch Anywhere once the payment has been processed.  



1.  Highlight/open a job in Dispatch Anywhere and select the Take Payment icon.  


2.  Select pay method Credit Card.


3.  Complete the required fields and select the Take Payment button.  

Once payment has been processed the call will be marked paid.  You can email or fax invoices and receipts for that job



1.  Highlight/open a job in Dispatch Anywhere and select the Take Payment icon.


2.  Select pay method Square and enter credit card details.

3.  Select Take Payment.




1.  When you're ready to take payment select the credit card icon at the bottom of the mobile application.


2.  Select the plus sign + in the top right corner


3.  Select payment option  (this verbiage is based on your dictionary setting for payment method) and select Continue


Some Square customers may see a screen to enable additional settings if they haven't connected a square card reader previously.  Please enable to continue to process your payment.


4.  Xpress Pay customers enter the customer name and email, then select the process button once complete.

Square customers
connect your square reader and take the card payment or choose the card not present option and enter the information manually.  


Dispatch Anywhere will display a thank you dialog and ask you how you would like to send a receipt to your customer. 
If you have an approved Zebra mobile printer, you can print a receipt from your device directly.