v4.29 - Feb. 2019

New Features

  • Easily create a Tow-out / two-way tow by selecting an existing job. Ensures both tows appear on a single invoice. Available as a menu option on the "More" menu and dispatch right-click menus.
  • Ability to stamp invoices paid in full when applying a partial payment through Accounting Enter Payment. Useful for marking an invoice paid in full when a motor club underpays for mileage.
  • Added QuickBooks ID to Edit Service Billing Tab for exported services. Quick way to verify a service was exported.
  • Hide expired/critical invoices button to motor club billing to clear unbillable invoices.
  • Unmapped motor club services are now excluded when submitting invoices for motor club billing. This allows companies to intentionally exclude services such as overage charges when billing motor clubs.
  • Read-only users now have access to dispatch reports.

Bug Fixes

  • Don't send new job alert to Driver if the job is backdated (finished prior to entry).
  • Don't include previously hidden invoices when hiding expired/critical invoices in motor club billing.
  • Fixed Show Closest Vehicles button displays "Job not set to a Division" error.
  • Fixed bug on releasing vehicle to payment method of account. Waiting indicator would not disappear.
  • Fixed invoice showing PAID in accounting invoice search when it wasn't paid.
  • Fixed issue saving destination impound lot id in Settings when pressing save before tabbing to another field.
  • Fix for Audit report being truncated.
  • Fixed No Release warning doesn't appear on police hold jobs in take payment/release.
  • Fixed issue with impounded vehicles not automatically going into TowLien.com.
  • Fix for emailed and faxed invoices being sent as a blank page.
  • Added "No Release" checkbox to job templates in Dispatch Anywhere Settings.
  • Fixed bug that prevents job from being created when "No Release" is set in the job template.
  • Fix for Incident location autocomplete not limiting to landmark name to 50 characters in some cases.
  • Fix for ExpressPay payments not pushing update alerts.
  • Additional server performance improvements and fixes.