How to link Dispatch Anywhere and TowLien

This article will explain how to link your Dispatch Anywhere and TowLien accounts together

Sending vehicles to TowLien will allow you to perform owner/Lienholder searches (in suported states) and send your required Lien/Impound notifications to interested parties! 

⭐This process is supported by the new TowLien service only.  Legacy accounts must migrate to the new TowLien service to use this feature.

If you do not have a TowLien account go to and learn more about supported states and services!  

Start by logging into Dispatch Anywhere Settings

  1. Select Impound Lots
  2. Select the impound lot you will be sending vehicles to TowLien from
  3. Enter your TowLien credentials
  4. Select Link


Once your account is linked we can setup the automation to TowLien

 5.   Select the TowLien lot the vehicle lot is stored in (this is for proper verbiage on your letters
 6.   Add the number of days you would like to wait before the vehicles are sent in to TowLien


Accounts must be linked to an impound lot and send to TowLien automatically must be enabled

  1.  Select Accounts
  2. Select the account you would like to automate
  3. Check the box ☑️ "Send Vehicles to TowLien Automatically" 
  4. Select Save

If you have other questions please email us at

Thank you.