v4.51 - December 2019 Update



  • Receive Online Service Requests through your company website or by sharing a link with your customers. View Divisions Settings to get a custom link for each of your divisions.
  • Ability to refund Square and CardConnect transactions.
  • Filter by Division when exporting to QuickBooks on the desktop.


  • Fixed changing zone, scheduled time, or payment method on job edit would always clear/reset the calculated services.
  • Fixed opening job doesn't always set Requested By from the Request Source
  • Fixed after searching by a specific division then switching to All Divisions yields no search results on Calculate Commissions
  • Fixed high dollar amount invoices (over $10,000.00) cannot be paid from the invoice screen.
  • Fixed last unconfirmed warning not getting cleared on duplicating a job.
  • Fixed saving inactive driver causes "Attempted mobile account creation when the driver is inactive." error.
  • Fixed issue after typing an email and pressing space, the previously selected account is still highlighted on email report dialog.
  • Fixed clicking on the dark gray drop-down arrow button on job edit vehicle search combo box after focus.  This caused typing a vehicle to not display results in the drop-down.
  • Fixed TowStatus.com rendering issues on some devices.