How To Enable Notifications In Dispatch Anywhere

This article explains how to enable job notifications, status readout, and custom alert sounds in Dispatch Anywhere

⭐Updated 05/05/2020
Added instructions for custom alert sounds on Dispatch Anywhere desktop.

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How to Set Custom Alert Sounds

How to Enable Text-to-Speech



Setting Custom Notification Sounds on Dispatch Anywhere Desktop

You can now setup custom notification sounds for job status in Dispatch Anywhere.   This allows dispatchers to easily distinguish call status by an audible alert as well as the visual prompts that already exist in Dispatch Anywhere!

Step 1. 
To set up custom notification sounds log into Dispatch Anywhere on your desktop and select your Name or Username in the top right corner of the screen



Step 2. 
Hover over Notifications and select Customize sounds


Step 3
The Customize Sounds window will open 

  • A. The left side of the window displays the type of notification you want to change
  • B. The drop down menu shows the available sounds for the selected notification
  • C.  Selecting the ▶️ play icon will give you a preview any sound after it is selected


Step 4. 
When you are done with your notification preferences, Select OK at the bottom of the screen to save all changes!




Enable Text-To-Speech 

Text-to-speech will read aloud (speak) the text in Dispatch Anywhere. This feature can be helpful for users that won't be sitting in front of the computer but still wants to hear jobs being updated.  Each user is able to customize the alerts they will hear.

Step 1

Log into Dispatch Anywhere and select your username/name in the upper right corner, then Notifications


Step 2

Select the notifications you want to hear. 

All notifications with a "✔️" check next to them are enabled.

Step 3

Verify that Read Notifications is "✔️" Checked