v4.57 - March 2020

Dispatch Anywhere Changelog March 2020


  • Track Drivers on the Dispatch Map for customers that prefer to dispatch by Driver. No more confusion when the driver isn't paired to the correct truck! Customers that have dedicated vehicle tracking hardware like TomTom can continue to view their trucks on the map as well.
  • Improved auto-complete vehicle text box on job edit.
    • Results are now filtered to only show vehicles that match what you are typing.
    • Search algorithm has been improved to return better results.
    • Drivers will receive exact towing instructions only when there is a match on the vehicle year.
  • Improved address auto-complete suggestions on job edit. Address suggestions are now based on the job's Division location.
  • New text-to-speech announcements for job update notifications. The new announcements focus on relevant information and are easier to understand.
  • Reminders for drivers to upload photos and capture tow ticket signatures. View D.A. for Drivers settings to enable these features.
  • Permission setting to allow Drivers to delete services. View D.A. for Drivers settings to enable this feature.
  • Failed email notification. Customer emails (such as invoices as statements) with invalid recipients are now sent back to the sending company's email address for review.
  • Added Fleet Number field to Online Service Requests.

  • Added automatic reset to fix driver and vehicle assigned job counts.
  • Fixed issue where the warning message wouldn't be displayed when a job couldn't be cancelled.
  • Fixed issue saving dispatch column order and other user customization. 
  • Fixed rare storage total bug on take payment.
  • Prevent duplicate timestamp/status updates from drivers.
  • Forced take payment to use selected merchant account instead of legacy matching "credit card" label.
  • Fixed issue where Online Service Request page wouldn't load in rare cases.
  • Fixed issue when resizing the main Dispatch Anywhere window would be slow and cause rendering issues.
  • General performance improvements.