Account Tow Ticket Message & Signature

This article will explain how to add account Tow Ticket messages and driver signature prompts.

Account Tow Ticket messages are great for private property or anytime a customer needs to see an account message on the Tow Ticket.  Drivers can also be reminded to capture a signed Tow Ticket before they leave the incident location.  

Step 1

Start by logging into your Dispatch Anywhere settings page ( (Dispatch Anywhere Settings)

Step 2

Select Accounts on the left and choose the Invoicing tab.  Anything added in the Tow Ticket Message box will be added to the Tow Ticket for this account.  

Step 3 - Remind Drivers To Capture A Signature

Select Accounts on the left and choose the General tab. If you want to remind drivers to capture a signature, select the box next to "Prompt Driver for Tow Ticket Signature."