How To Update AAA Password in TowMagic

This article will demonstrate how to change/update your AAA password in TowMagic.

If your AAA password is updated or changed, you will need to update it in TowMagic to continue to receive jobs.  

After AAA password updates it can take up to 5 minutes to start receiving jobs again.

Step 1

Start by logging into your TowMagic settings page ( (TowMagic Settings)

⭐Note: You need to log in with your company administrator account.  If you forgot your username or password please contact our support team.

Step 2

Select Contractor Accounts in the left panel.

Step 3

Choose the Edit pencil icon to the right of your AAA account.

Step 4

Start by clearing the old password and selecting Update at the bottom of the page

Step 5

Select the Edit pencil icon again

Step 6

Update the blank password field with the new password and choose update at the bottom of the page